Beyaz Taşer


I worked as a painter for a certain period of time in parallel with my painting education at high school and University. I started to gain experience by making an early introduction to working life with the workshop I opened at the beginning of my university years. After years of painting, I realized that I wanted to continue my career in a different field; tattoo art.It’s different from painting, and it’s a very special area where I can use my knowledge and talent.

Starting with individual effort and initiative in 2018, tattoo artistry is my career, mid-2019 in Istanbul and Turkey Emre Dizici who is one of the oldest and most experienced tattoo artists they owned tattoo studio Istanbul’s Apprentice and Grimm, Jr. as a tattoo artist, it continued with my machine opening. Here, too, I soon advanced to the rank of Resident tattoo artist.

Obviously over the years, this constant habit of drawing, which I gained while studying painting, was what would carry me up in the world of tattoo art as well.

I constantly produced it with this valuable knowledge that I learned. I tried to develop new styles. I mainly like to do tattoos with colorful and floral patterns. I especially enjoy working on my designs with realistic flowers in the center, which also bear traces of The Art Nouveau movement. However, I do not avoid adding tattoos in different styles to my portfolio.

You can choose one of my designs in different styles or tell me about your dream tattoo to make a new design.

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