Emre Dızıcı a.k.a otuzdırt

His studio Grimm Tattoo, located at the very center of the city, is the best tattoo studio in Istanbul and welcomes the people from all around the world. He opened up his first studio in 1994 and he’s has been tattooing since. As a professional artist he has a respect for greywash/soft color semi realist style and collages. And he likes to transform his works by adding his own elements, his own vision. Emre is one of the most respected tattoo artist in Istanbul.
Emre Dizici: “Before starting to design for clients the most important thing is to communicate with them, to discuss various topics. This way you can understand how this person sees everything. And I like working with people who know themselves.”

İstanbul şehrinin en güzel noktasında, en iyi dövme stüdyolarından biri olan Grimm Tattoo’nun sahibi ve ilk stüdyosunu açtıgı 1994 yılından beri dövme yapıyor. Profesyonel sanatçı olarak çalıştığı bunca yıldan sonra old school, blackwork, minimal, vd. her tazda çalışmaları olan sanatçı en çok greywash, renksiz realistik çalışmalarıyla tanınmakta.


Emre’s Inks